Offering Independent Agents business growth strategies
you won't find with our competitors.

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US Benefits Alliance?

USBA isn’t just another General Agency or FMO. We offer Independent Agents business growth strategies you won’t find with our competitors. We don’t throw scores of products at you, hoping you contract with some of them. We’re not a “throw it against the wall and see what sticks” type of company.

USBA stands as a unique differentiator in the GA and FMO market, giving the agent community concepts on how to scale their business beyond what they thought possible. Not many of our competitors grasp this concept because they base their success on contracting as many agents with as many products as they can.

At USBA, we look at the agent community differently. Each agent partner is unique and comes with the potential of becoming something very special. USBA wants to be part of that success story.

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Looking for the best resource to help you reach your goals?

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USBA has a team of sales and support personnel ready to help you find the products you're searching for and the programs you and your team need to scale your business.

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